Our clients have many nice things to say. We wanted to share some comments from a couple of them.

wellness essentials

"It is a wonderful experience working with Darabosh Accounting. They have done my accounting work for the past four years and I am very pleased. All my accounting needs are supported with ease, and questions are responded to quickly with up to date tax regulations.

Everyone at Darabosh Accounting is professional, welcoming, and comes from a heart space. They are there for you, easing concerns and offering suggestions for improved efficiency with integrity. I trust Darabosh Accounting 200% and highly recommend them and do! They listen, care, are exceptionally professional and competent, and support all your accounting needs."

Kari Uselman, PhD
Wellness Essentials, LLC


cranky pats new moon
"We have been working with Rita, Stephanie and Chelsea for almost a decade.  They have been there for us as we started our businesses, and continue to provide expert service as our businesses continue to grow.  Without hesitation we recommend Darabosh Tax & Accounting to anyone looking for professional and friendly service from a family oriented business in our community."

Jason & Aaron Baer
Cranky Pat's Pizzeria & New Moon Café LLC
Both of Oshkosh, WI


"As a business owner I learned early on where my strengths and weaknesses were. My first year I spent hours off the selling floor to complete the necessary documents and spreadsheets. I realized as my business grew I needed to find a resource to take the accounting piece of operations. A friend recommended Darabosh Tax & Accounting LLC. My husband and I decided to outsource the accounting piece of the business to Rita and Stephanie. They organize and review the documents from payroll to sales, as well as complete my monthly sales tax and a monthly balance sheet. This information allows me to understand where my business is month to date to avoid any surprise at tax time. Using Darabosh Tax & Accounting LLC has allowed me to emphasize my strengths and reinforces the reason I opened my business."

Sandy White
Botanical Indulgence LLC
Neenah, Wisconsin


"Before we even started using Darabosh, Stephanie gave us some ideas to restructure our business. We did and are enjoying favorable tax treatment because of it. We have since moved all of our accounting services to Darabosh and life is great knowing they are taking care of things."


Mike & Jared Brefczynski
Algoma Financial Group
Oshkosh, WI



Murdock Avenue Salon

To the wonderful ladies of Darabosh Tax and Accounting.  I am relatively new at owning my own business, but 7 years ago I was a babe in the woods.  If it weren't for Rita's guidance I don't know if I would still be open today.  Many times I wanted to give in and throw in the towel, but Rita kept me going.  I am thankful.
Chelsea is a godsend, dropping off my paperwork and payroll if I was too busy to pick it up.
Stephanie has the knowledge to answer my questions whenever I have them.
But above all, they ALL are friendly and caring.  They really care that I succeed and that is hard to find in this world.
Thank you Rita, Stephanie, and Chelsea!
Carol Hunt
Murdock Avenue Salon
Oshkosh, WI


As a new small business owner, I was confident in providing the services my business offers but not the accounting and tax requirements of running the business.  After meeting with Darabosh Tax & Accounting I was confident that all my tax and accounting needs would be taken care of.

As we began our business relationship Stephanie identified my error in processing sales tax for customers.  She had done research, dug into the requirements and was able to lead me in the right direction.  The error was quickly corrected; any future issues were resolved.  I hate to imagine the possible future consequences of my continued error in regard to potential repayment and penalties.

Thank you ladies for allowing me to trust in you and gaining some peace of mind with my tax and accounting needs.

Yellow Van Handyman
Oshkosh, WI

Darabosh Tax & Accounting

Darabosh Tax & Accounting is about working with small business entrepreneurs to help make their dream of a successful business come true. We are a very personable service specializing in business start-ups, accounting for business, individual and business income tax preparation and consulting, and payroll services. Not only do we enjoy working with our clients, but more importantly they enjoy working with us.

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